5 Places You Should Not Visit in Australia


We have said places that you do NOT visit in Australia because, in effect when you come to the other places, you have to avoid visiting these areas if you can. It’s funny, because maybe some of them are recommended in Australia’s tourist guides. But our recommendations are for those travelers who like us and prefer to discover a place than simply visit it.

Places You Should Not Visit in Australia

Crowded places and enchanted places or areas that are not worth going to. Below is a list of places not to visit in Australia. Take a look read them all and remember them with the sole intention of recognizing them on the map and overlooking them on your trip.

1. The Three Sisters

It tells the aboriginal legend that Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo three really beautiful sisters one day they fell in love with three brothers of a different tribe. The tribal law banned outright that members of different tribes could be together but this did not seem to matter to the three daring brothers. Without hesitation they set out to kidnap the girls distancing them from their tribe in order to be together. However this unleashed a great battle.

The Three Sisters

An old man of the place to protect the three sisters during the conflict enchanted them and turned them into stones. The problem was and it’s worth it to the well-meaning Mr. that the old man fell on the battlefield. And being the only one capable of reversing the spell the three sisters remained under the spell for the rest of eternity to continue now dazzling people with their beauty.

If you follow the Google Maps or the tourist guides to Las Tres Hermanas they will inevitably guide you to the main tourist point from which you can contemplate these views. The problem is that like you it also leads to dozens of buses with tourists from all over the world. Not only will you have a problem when looking for a parking space but even to find a good place from which to take a photo in which a Japanese tourist does not appear smiling inside the frame.

Three sisters Australia

But do not worry there are solutions. And if you decide to “pass” these three rocks you can also go to Went worh Falls or Lincoln Rock. Two points with also spectacular views that few people find. Ask Google Maps.

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2. Off track

If you still do not know what off track means and you are going to come to Australia go learn it. If you are in the Hyde Park of Sydney and you want to trample the grass a bit nothing happens. But please watch out for these unsafe areas if you’re in the middle of the Australian desert.

Off Track

The vast nature of Australia is really beautiful but also hides dangerous areas of Australia. Both in the National Parks and in the desert the infinite square kilometers of surface make difficult the task of the Rangers to control the total safety of the surfaces.

Launching the adventure in the Australian Outback can be very expensive. The heat the dangerous animals the lack of coverage are just a few of the innumerable reasons why it is more advisable to stay in the controlled areas.

The thousands of kilometers of desert that separate this mountain from the rest of civilization will force you to take a car in perfect mechanical condition with sufficient reserves of fuel and water and with your well-learned route. In addition to having good roadside assistance insurance in case you need it And speaking of the Uluru it is another place to which if you have not already gone you can not miss it. Yes preparing everything well and knowing that you can not climb.

3. Dangerous suburbs of big cities

Australia can boast four cities within the top ten in the world ranking in which one of the factors to take into account is safety. In fact as we have recalled on other occasions Melbourne has been chosen for the fifth consecutive year the best city in the world to live. However as in unfortunately all cities in Australia and the world there are dangerous areas or neighborhoods where poverty leads to an increase in crime.

Australia places not to Visit

The truth is that you will not find any reason to want to visit them but it is good to know some of the main ones so that you do not end there by mistake. In a survey conducted by the Australian government a few years ago the inhabitants of different cities defined which were the most dangerous neighborhoods of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other Australian cities where they considered crime a growing problem. After taking into account different factors these were some of the places you should not visit in Australia: Dandenong in Melbourne, Bradbury Wedderburn in Sydney, Redland Islands in Brisbane, Elizabeth in Adelaide.

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4. Northern Territory 

Of course we would not dare to deny you the visit to this area of ​​the antipodes. This state is located as you would expect by its name in northern Australia hides some of the most incredible landscapes you can imagine the wildest nature and the most amazing routes. But all these elements in this area can also transform these places in some of the most dangerous places in Australia. And if you do not believe me you can always ask the three Danish tourists who slept on the roof of their four-by-four accompanied in the distance by a giant crocodile.

Northen place australia

On many occasions you can find areas of lakes that are apparently wonderful for a bath (especially because of the heat that you will have to endure in this area). But eye If you do not want to end up with one less arm in the best of cases and follow the signs and do not even think about taking a shower. And not only the lakes but as our three Danish friends well know the rivers in this area are also a place to respect. In fact, they were not the first to end up sleeping in their car with these animals around . And not only crocodiles are the factor to consider but simply its waters.

If you travel in these areas with a 4 × 4 vehicle and you are willing to trust your vehicle cross the waters of one of these brave rivers remember the following. On many occasions they are much deeper than they appear.

5. Hostal Monte Cristo, in Junee

Unless you want to die in strange circumstances stay away from this old mansion in the town of June almost 5 hours from Sydney. The stories that have taken place in this old hostel make countless witnesses who say he is delighted. A young man who died burned in the stables 50 years ago a gardener who was killed at the hands of a psychopath inspired by the movie Psycho. With this news would you dare to go?

Hostal Monte Cristo in June

If your answer is yes you are in luck. If you are daring and you love ghost stories this time we recommend you visit this “non-recommended place” in Australia. In effect the stories that we have told you in the previous paragraph are true. But they are precisely the facts that have made this destination a must stop for lovers of the paranormal.

And some have even seen mysterious shadows. If it still seems interesting forget the title of this post and mark this destination on your route. But mark it last it will not be that once you enter you never go out again.

After you have read these points we want to remind you of one of the fundamental premises that you must follow for your trip to Australia and any other destination. Avoid the crowds Not only for comfort but to discover unforgettable places or simply to be calmer.


The fact that the post was entitled “5 places not to visit in Australia” has caused logically we have only listed five areas that we do not recommend going to. But we are sure that we have left some. And as a good traveler you are sure to be we hope you will give us some recommendation to add to this brief guide of places not to visit in Australia. Where? Here below, in the comments, go ahead! We will answer all of them.


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