Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet


The Internet has changed the way in which the information is transmitted in recent years and has even changed the lifestyle of people. Since there is practically no time when you are not connected to the network to review pending a message or some other in detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

With all this it is normal that questions arise about the use that each one gives to the Internet and the effects it has on people. Whether positive or negative because although it has brought good things it has also generated a Another concern that is worth taking into account.

Internet Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of internet that can be very useful for you. Simply check below and know more about it.

Access to information

Information at your fingertips and any topic that is possible to imagine since with this great invention many barriers have been broken and it is enough to type what we are looking for and a click to display thousands of results offering data from the most recent possible until written with years of antiquity.

Always available

Thanks to advances in technology it can now be accessed from anywhere so it is more convenient when you want to consult something quickly or if you are at home. Although elements such as libraries will continue to be useful the Internet from home or cell phone allows us to consult almost the same information with very varied sources and even in different languages.


In the discussion forums you can find people with the same tastes experts in a particular subject or looking to learn something new while dealing with more people. Simply register and create a profile to ask for help about a problem talk about a popular game or just see what others have to say.

Email and messaging

The communication between people has also changed its forms and in spite of the fact that distances had already been shortened with telephones the Internet brought us a new way of communicating through messages where you can also attach documents photos or a variety of other files .

Personal Relationships

Thanks to the new forms of communication brought by the Internet new ways of interacting between people and creating bonds of friendship and love have also emerged. Social networks play a very important role in this sense since millions of people gather in one place regardless of language country or distance.


Specialized questions and learning websites for students and teachers where you can consult topics that are not well understood or methodologies so that students can better assimilate the lessons taught by teachers. It is a great tool for self-taught people who need to go at their own pace and although at a given time they need help they could find it in the form of text or more people studying the same.


Before the Internet existed all the news that happened in the world was received at certain times according to the programming of the television and although there were some exceptions with the news of last minute the delay was remarkable. Now it is possible to be aware of what happens in real time or with only a few minutes of delay in addition to the options to be informed are very varied and everyone can choose the option of their choice.


Thanks to the access to the network it is easier for businesses to reach more customers and for them to be able to freely search for what they are looking for in specialized sites you can even access sites in other countries and search until you find an adequate price for each who. It is not necessary to leave the house to buy something since online stores send everything to the door of your house so it is convenient

Disadvantages of the Internet

The disadvantages of internet are provided here from below. You can see them and have a look at it.


Just as there is great information available to everyone there are also a lot of errors that are transmitted every day since it is difficult to keep track of everything that is written on the network. There are consultation sites that anyone can edit and for the amount of data that is uploaded per day it is impossible to verify the certainty of each one.

Personal Information

Just as it was mentioned that social networks have helped us to create new bonds with people that we have never known before they also expose us publicly before the eyes of the world to the point that others can know what we do our tastes and much more. Although there are privacy settings it is still a risk that personal data are displayed so freely.


You can make purchases online but you can also fall into a scam if you go into little known or fraudulent pages. While many businesses can grow because of the reach of the network there are also people thinking of ways to cheat.


Unfortunately the Internet also opens the doors to people who seek to do things in an easy but illegal way. When browsing the network one could find harmful programs that see private information account data and more that put at risk the integrity of users.

Use it a long time

It has also served as a form of entertainment and an alternative to television but just for this reason it can be difficult to disconnect a moment from the Internet. Thanks to this the programs can be seen even on the cell phone there are pages where children have very different games but before they know it they have been connected for hours and that can lead to health problems.


In relation to the previous point people also tend to ignore their obligations to be aware of what happens on the Internet. Whether a student does not fulfill their tasks or an employee has other priorities besides their work there may be many things that end up being a bad influence.

Delicate issues available to Minors

Children become more skillful with technology and as they have curious minds they may end up seeing things that are not suitable for their age and as everyone is free to publish what they want everyone is free to look for what they want. There are parental controls where you just want certain issues are inaccessible but in a world where the Internet is anywhere it is difficult to prevent this.


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