Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cell Phone


The cell phone has completely changed our lifestyle and today has combined a series of features that make it unique and even put aside its first purpose, which was to shorten communication distances between users. In an era where we see many innovations in a smaller amount of time these small devices bring with them new elements that cover any problem that we have.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phone

Even so not everything can be perfect and with the growing popularity of mobiles there have also been inconveniences that in the past we could never have imagined. The fact of being able to be connected at all times also makes us more vulnerable to other types of dangers. We also have the problems that arise from the dependence on cell phones or simply the distraction that can cause us when our priorities are different.

Advantages of Having a Mobile

They are quite convenient when it comes to communicating with someone since one of their main purposes was to facilitate communication between people and in a time where time is very valuable the speed with which we talk to someone else is very important.

Connected to People Very Easily

With the latest updates that have been around the mobiles now we can surf the Internet at any time and being connected to the network allows us to obtain much useful and relevant information for us from local and world news to some important date for the people.

Likewise thanks to the connection that these devices have we also have our email, instant messaging, and as every time they are assimilated to small computers, we can visualize documents or presentations that we can even correct at the moment.

Thanks to the fact that most of the population uses a cell phone it is convenient in emergency situations because if a situation occurs that we can not handle, medical services, security services etc. will always be available.

Different Apps are Available

With a large number of applications available on the market you can choose to download one that helps in the studies which allows us to learn a different language or that simply serves as support for the classes at any educational level.

In recent times cell phones have become all in one devices that allow us to take pictures and videos between family and friends make voice recordings, consult our location with maps, use compasses, detect fingerprints etc.

Disadvantages of Having a Mobile

The addiction that can be caused by the inclusion of new applications of any kind: games, messaging, videos, etc. This can occur mainly in adolescents looking for some way to entertain themselves and find in cell phones the perfect medium for boredom. Unfortunately there are negative effects to spend more time of due to see some application.

Effects Kids

The above also affects the interaction we have in real life because by spending a lot of time in the small virtual worlds that give us the applications we lose sight of our friendships and even more things.


The distraction that it can cause would negatively affect our lives, both for adolescents and adults because our priorities can be confused and performance at school or at work will decrease. In addition to situations that require our full attention such as driving a car and talking on the phone or reviewing our messages can lead to something much more serious for us and the people around us.

Have a Look AtHow to Prevent the Phone from Getting Too Hot

With the possibility that everyone is connected the subject of privacy has also taken on a lot of importance since with the technology of smartphones you can access all our social networks and, therefore, a large part of our personal life. it is left exposed to the eyes of the world. You can use common sense and use measures to avoid showing more than necessary but that does not guarantee much.

Some of the cellular components can be harmful to health since they use materials that are simply not found in nature and prolonged exposure to them would have serious consequences. Likewise there have been reports of explosions due to overheating of the batteries and if we take into account that when we speak we do it with the device attached to the face it is important to take precautions or see which brand we choose.


So we see how the cell phone has brought a change to the way we communicate but also to the way we receive the information and the advantages and disadvantages that have emerged from all this. In a time when most people have a mobile phone it is up to each one to decide whether it is necessary to have it or not both to bring more order in our lives and to have a good time playing but seeing that there are many who use maybe the effect is more positive than negative.


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