What are the Advantages of the Apple M7 processor?


The Apple A7 processor is the new heart of the iPhone 5S. Now more powerful than ever. However, this one comes with another coprocessor under the arm, the Apple M7. This motion coprocessor monitors all the movements of our iPhone making the battery last longer and offering applications more accurate and faster results. Do you want to see how the M7 works? Well, keep reading.

The Apple A7 processor was one of the great protagonists that surprised us with the iPhone 5s. It thus becomes the first 64-bit processor of a smartphone. And we are not talking about 64 bits on the memory bus, but 64 real bits of the processor. But the best is not that, because if you could not take advantage of hardware like this would be with returns as poor as in Android. However, Apple makes available to the developers a whole arsenal of tools that can take advantage of these 64 bits.

Advantages of Apple M7 Processor

But what has not been talked about is almost the Apple M7. The motion coprocessor that brings the Apple A7 that will be responsible for measuring the movement data of the accelerometer. The gyroscope, and the compass. So far this task that fell on the main processor, but now performed by the M7 much more efficiently.

What are the advantages of the Apple M7?

This amazingly improves the functionality of the sports apps that follow our physical activity. Since now they can get the data from the M7 coprocessor without needing the A7 chip. This will directly affect lower battery consumption.

Thanks to accelerometers, the M7 knows if we are walking or driving. And thanks to that the map application will automatically provide the indications depending on whether we are going on foot or by car. This motion detection will even allow the iPhone to avoid doing useless things that only make you spend battery.

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For example, if we are driving around the city. It will stop looking for Wi-Fi networks to suggest us connect to them. If it detects that the iPhone is stationary for a while. It minimizes the battery consumption by lowering the processor power. Although we do not know if it will also automatically go to GPRS and close applications in the background.

Although it is not known, I understand that the Apple M7 will help the GPS to establish our constant physical position. So the geolocation requests will be much less, increasing the autonomy with intensive use of GPS. which is an electron devourer and the manager that our iPhone becomes a volcanic stone when we use it too long.

The applications, the big players

The most benefited when Apple introduces these new technologies are the developers. Because the Cupertino almost always put at their disposal an API to implement the functionality in the applications in a very simple way. This time the API that controls the M7 processor is CoreMotion, and it will allow sports applications. For example, to be used to give us better results.


In addition, this will eliminate all the bracelets that had so far monitored our steps when we played sports. Now all this is inside the iPhone 5s. It happened when they killed the accessory of the Nike + sneakers for iPod with the iPhone 4. Now they reload other accessories such as the FuelBand or Fitbit Flex bracelets.


The iPhone was already following in our footsteps. Locating us by GPS so that Search for my iPhone was always ready, even keeping our position triangulating. But now they all become more efficient, a dedicated chip is responsible for this. Which will give us more accurate and better results with less battery consumption.

If we add to all this that the new iPhone 5s has a larger battery. The A7 64-bit processor is 20% more efficient and now these small tasks are handled by a secondary processor. Perhaps a low-power integrated core within the A7 itself. The iPhone 5s can be a phone with a very respectable autonomy.

It will be a matter of waiting and see if this is true when the first terminals reach our hands. We do not keep arriving just a day. It is curious that Apple has a battery that autonomously sweeps the competition with products such as the iPad and MacBook Air. But in the iPhone is still a skinny aspect compared to its competitors. Who mount batteries up to twice as large – although that’s why they do not last twice.


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