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Common Mistakes When taking Pictures

Common Mistakes When taking Pictures with Cell Phone

One of the features that most users appreciate when choosing a cell phone is the quality of the camera: how many megapixels does it...

What are the Advantages of the Apple M7 processor?

The Apple A7 processor is the new heart of the iPhone 5S. Now more powerful than ever. However, this one comes with another coprocessor...
iphone x

How the Dual SIM of iPhone XS and XS Max works

It is one of the great novelties of the iPhone XS and XS Max. Finally, after many years with rumors about it. Apple has...
Best Places to See in Thailand

Best Places to See in Thailand – Destination Places

I have traveled twice to Thailand and although you never know what the future holds I do not think you will return many more...
Best Places in Malaysia

Best Places in Malaysia That Every One Needs to Visit

Places That I Have Visited in Malaysia I have visited Malaysia on three occasions and it has always seemed to me one of the countries...