Best Places in Malaysia That Every One Needs to Visit


Places That I Have Visited in Malaysia

I have visited Malaysia on three occasions and it has always seemed to me one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is covered. Everyone knows Thailand. The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are more than fashionable. Myanmar is another of the new stars whose number of international visitors does not stop growing.

Best Places in Malaysia


However Malaysia has for example almost as many natural beauties as Thailand and perhaps more cultural diversity with colonial cities that you will not find in Thai soil.

Also being a lesser known tourist destination you will not have to suffer large crowds in the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Best Places in Malaysia To Visit

After having spent a couple of months in Malaysia, here is my subjective list of the best places to see in Malaysia. A good combination of beaches, islands, interesting cities, jungles and highlands. And in Malaysia there is a bit of everything

1. Pulau Langkawi

I start with my most recent memory. Last summer I had 11 days to rest between the two groups of tourists I was guiding in Myanmar.

I did not want to go too far and above all, I did not want to go traveling every so often because that’s what I had done during the 20 days of my trip through Myanmar. When I saw the island of Langkawi on the map I remembered that a good friend had been there in 2012 and had liked it a lot.


Pulau Langkawi

I did not think too much about it and bought the ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi to spend 11 days at the end of July.

Langkawi proved to be the perfect island for a good rest.

It’s big enough to rent a motorbike (it costs about MYR 35 a day) and go around the different beaches and coves look for waterfalls in the forest or go up to the spectacular viewpoint of Gunung Raya, which from its almost 900 meters above sea level It gives you the best views of Langkawi.

I advise you to stay in Pantai Cenang area where you can enjoy as I did beach life in its true splendor. Play during the day shower, dinner in restaurants of all kinds and a few drinks in the bars.

If you like action, in Langkawi you can hire many different types of excursions. Boat trip through the different islands of the archipelago, zip line, caves, diving, 4 × 4, speedboats, visit to mangroves, sunset cruises and much more.

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2. Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is a true melting pot of cultures. You just have to take a look at their neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little India.

Next to the mythical Petronas Towers extends the financial center, occupied by office buildings, hotels and large and modern shopping centers where you can still find good technological bargains. If you are not going to buy anything at least you can use it to enjoy your air conditioning. Because in Kuala Lumpur it’s always hot.

Kuala Lumpur


Take a tour of the great night market of Chinatown (although it is full of guiris), taste Indian cuisine in Little India, visit the parks or simply wander through a city that mixes the modern with the old with great mastery.

Also, remember that it is the largest hub of the main low cost airline of all Southeast Asia: Air Asia. From here you can get really cheap flights to almost the entire area.

3. Cameron Highlands

When I get to the Cameron Highlands area, I recognize that I was really happy.

I drag a lymphatic problem in my right leg since 2001 and I suffer more in places of heat. When after spending almost three months wandering through tropical places I came to the temperate zone of these highlands that are in the heart of Malaysia my soul was kindled.

Cameron Highlands


I stayed at the Cameron for about a week. That having to put on a long sleeve at night almost makes me cry with emotion. Also you do not have to get bored if you stay that long.

You can hire several excursions in the area. Some will take you to the jungle others to the different tea plantations and others to the strawberries.

The nature is dense and beautiful around the village of Tanah Rata, where we find good accommodation on top of a hill. From the same town, there are no less than 10 good trails that go into the woods. If you want to go your way, ask for a map in your hotel or hostel and venture alone. They are very simple.

In the only street of Tanah Rata there are several restaurants with dishes from all over the world, business of juices (those of strawberries are tremendous) and some bars. Also from here you will find direct buses to Kuala Lumpur (about 4 hours) and Taman Negara.

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4. Georgetown (Penang)

The beautiful colonial city of Georgetown capital of Penang Island and linked to mainland Malaysia by a long bridge has nothing to do with Kuala Lumpur.

Georgetown is more bohemian. We stayed in its colonial center, low British style buildings. The truth is that this is the best part of the city, because once you get out of it, you end up in an asphalt jungle of tall modern buildings.



Beyond the museums and beautiful colonial buildings, Georgetown offers bars and venues full of expats and locals, where everyone has a good story to tell if you have time and beer.

If you want to go to the beach, I advise you to go to another part of Penang Island. The one in the city of Georgetown is not very far.

5. Pulau Tioman

The island of Tioman was one of those surprises that make you happy for a trip. We had never heard of her and we were totally blind.

When we arrived, we discovered an island just famous among local tourists and whose beaches, waters and jungle make it worthy to be among the best places to see in Malaysia.

Pulau Tioman


We stayed in the area of ​​the ABC beach (in the west), but the island is not very big and making a trekking of about two hours along a path that crossed an impressive tropical jungle, we reached the east side of the island.

Also do not stop diving with tube and goggles you do not need any more because the waters are not very deep around the island of Ringgis. To call it an island is a bit too daring since it is not more than 10 large rocks that come out of the sea, adorned by a dozen trees and bushes. Of course the life that has the seabed that surrounds it is spectacular.

There I saw giant tortoises rays, fish of all colors, coral beds and even a shark. I had been told that the people in this area are vegetarians, but I admit that my first impulse is to go out in the opposite direction. I released more bubbles than ever. A few seconds later, I managed to gather enough courage to turn around and follow it for a few minutes.


So, do you come to Malaysia? Book your trip and visit today. Hope you have got he best places to see in Malaysia. You can visit our website and know about the other places too. If you like our guide simply share it in the social networking sites like facebook and twitter.


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