What is Global Warming Causes and Effects


We call global warming the increase in the temperature of the earth that has occurred in an alarming way in recent years. During the last century record temperatures we have been reached that do not compare to the highest of years ago for the reason and in recent times this issue has become more relevant.

Causes of Global Warming

Even if you want to believe that the earth is not heating up, scientific evidence shows that each year we are heading towards a scenario with increments of 1 0 2 degrees Celsius, which despite appearing little would completely change the climatological phenomena that occur in the planet.

Causes of Global Warming

When carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants that are generated by the greenhouse effect accumulate in the atmosphere they absorb sunlight and radiation that under normal conditions would be reflected. As these pollutants do not disperse and last a long time in the atmosphere they gradually accumulate the energy absorbed causing the earth to heat up more and more.

This brings us to the cause that generates all these elements that reach the atmosphere and completely break the natural cycle that should be followed. The burning of fossil fuels to generate other types of energy has as an indirect product carbon dioxide and as many countries depend on it to produce electricity for example the amounts released into the air are immense. The coal industry also contributes numbers in terms of environmental pollution. The means of transport are the elements that pollute the most because anywhere in the world you can find a car or a bus that emits gases that are released into the air and go up into the atmosphere.

Consequences of Global Warming

One of the reasons why it took a long time to give enough importance to this problem was because the consequences were not visible in the short term and when the effects began to be noticed it was understood what could cause a simple increase in temperature.

Sudden changes in climate more lasting droughts, more intense heat waves, stronger hurricanes the melting of the poles and therefore the destruction of some animals’ habitats and other abnormal weather phenomena have been related to the problem of warming because the mere fact that the earth’s temperature changes a little changes the natural conditions of life all over the planet.

Measures to Prevent Global Warming

Although the outlook does not seem very encouraging, the fact that this problem has become more relevant implies that certain measures are also being taken to reduce the effect in the long and short term.

The Paris agreement is an agreement where the leaders of all the nations of the world with some exceptions agreed to reduce their emissions of pollutants for the benefit of humanity and to make global warming slow down.

The main points it covers are maintaining the temperature at the same levels as before the industrial era limiting the greenhouse effect to the point that trees, soil and seas can naturally absorb emissions that developed countries help poor nations with dedicated financing especially to combat climate change that make periodic reviews every so often so that we can be sure that countries are contributing to the change in the global warming situation.

As means of transportation are indispensable in daily life alternative ways have been devised to give energy to vehicles that produce many emissions and electric power has been a viable option that is expected to cover many countries in the future.

Uses of Alternative Energy

The use of alternative energy is also an issue that has become relevant because you can choose to use means that do not pollute so much and that generate the same numbers that are currently available. For this reason that the coal industry has also been left behind and it is expected that fossil fuels can be dispensed with in the future.

We can see that it is a very important issue and although it was not taken with the due seriousness when the effects began to be noticed that there is still time to reverse something that could change life as we know it. The fact that people are more aware of this situation and that all the nations of the world cooperate to prevent the advance of this phenomenon provides relief for the following generations who will benefit from these measures.


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