What You Should Know Before Buying a Mobile


The first question that everyone should consider before buying a smartphone is what use it is going to make of it. If you only need it for calls and emails, you probably do not need to buy the latest model of the most expensive brands in the market. On the contrary, the mobile phone has become a tool of work and leisure essential for some users.

Know Before Buying a mobile
Know Before Buying a mobile

In these cases, if by necessity or habit are frequently used functions such as GPS navigation, office applications or multimedia tools, a smartphone of a higher range will be more appropriate. Once you have defined a price cap (very important!), These are the elements that you should take into account before making the decision

The elements to consider before buying a mobile

Below are some of the elements that should be considered before buying a mobile. You can see these elements and choose a mobile of your choice. Once you see these elements you will get a clear idea about which type of cell you need and whats the main purpose of buying your mobile. So the Elements which we are going to discuss are

  • Size
  • Operating System and RAM
  • Autonomy
  • Storage
  • Photo and Sound Functions

So these are the Most important things which we going to discuss on this article. Lets check them one by one now.


Between a 6.3 inch tablet and a 4.7 smartphone there is a big difference. Both in the size of the screen and in the grip. The weight and the manageability of the phone. If you watch many videos, usually play video games or if you use your smartphone for work issues.


The great models give you more comfort , both for consultations and for writing. A smaller screen usually involves a lighter device, easier to store in your pocket and easier to hold. In this sense, the current trend is towards large formats.

Operating system and RAM

This is a matter of tastes and applications. Android occupies the dominant position in the market today (more than 80% of the market) and offers great freedom to the user. The downside is that because it is the most widely implemented system, it is also the most attacked. In this case, users who opt for Android have one more reason to protect their smartphone with a professional tool in addition to having the OS constantly updated. Another option is Windows Phone. Which is gaining market share, supported by the continuity and compatibility with the Windows ecosystem. The majority among PC users.

Operating System & RAM

Another factor to consider when choosing a mobile phone is RAM. RAM is the main memory (apps and operating system) where the applications and processes of the device are executed. Depending on the use that you want to give your mobile (for example, if you really like to play with your device). You should choose a model with more or less memory. But, as a general rule, the maxim that more RAM. The better the device, is not always true. Our device may have a lower RAM but have a high performance, because the key lies in the system is well optimized.

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A key indicator is the power of the battery, measured in milliamperes (mhA): the larger it is, the more important the autonomy will be. The time that a battery can give energy to a mobile depends both on the capacity of it. And the consumption of the smartphone. The mobile processor is one of the elements that influences the performance of the device. Therefore, one should make sure that it is one of the most recent. Since they are more efficient and require less consumption.

phone proccessors

Even so, it is worth considering other criteria such as the interface. The type of use and consumption management, etc. We must also remember that the notifications, the brightness of the screen or the use of bluetooth (on the latter, due to efficiency issues should be version 5.0). Significantly influence the consumption of the smartphone. So if these functions are frequently used, it is worth looking for the best autonomy options or additional solutions, as a second charger. The more powerful processors or larger screens consume more power. So the actual duration of the same will depend on how good the management of the battery in each phone. Reading opinions online or talking with people who already have a certain model is always a good reference.


The applications demand increasing capacity for its use. In addition to the constant need for storage for images, if this is not done in the cloud. Make sure that your smartphone also has microSD card slots that allow you to increase storage space is required.


In addition, the Android operating system occupies between 8 and 13GB (depending on the manufacturer’s personalization) with what a 16GB mobile. For example, will only have half of that capacity available. The iOS operating system occupies on the other hand, between 11 and 17GB. So Apple no longer makes phones with less than 32GB.

Photo and sound function

If you share photos with friends and family on a daily basis. You should consider buying a phone with a good camera. Most high-end models offer very solid solutions in this regard. Especially in low-light situations. Other important criteria to take into account are the zoom. The HDR (shot optimization process), the Flash Led and if it has panorama mode, stabilization or burst mode. Neither should the options for editing and sharing images be neglected.

Photo & Sound Functions

Sound is probably the least mediatic functionality of mobile phones. However, we all listen to music or watch videos on our mobile. So sound has to be a very important element when making the purchase decision. Fortunately, it’s something that manufacturers take into account, so the sound quality of today’s phones is usually quite high.


Hence, These are the few important things which we need to check before buying a mobile. Just go through all the elements we explained in this article. Feel free to ask your questions if you have any problems or issues. We will help you to solve it as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more tutorials.


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