How to Prevent the Phone from Getting Too Hot


We are premiering this first month of this summer 2018 and as in previous years, point out ways to be decorated as one of the hottest summers. The heat like everything in life has lovers and detractors but like it or not it is not entirely beneficial if it arrives in excess.

Prevent Phone from Getting Too Hot

And not only talk about the damage that high temperatures can cause us plants or any living thing, we must also bear in mind that electronic devices such as mobile phones may suffer the consequences of an extreme rise in temperature. Let’s see what we can do to avoid damage to our phone because of the heat.

How to prevent the phone from getting hot: external conditions

Let’s see three key points to protect our phone from the heat. The first one deals with what perhaps seems most evident since it covers everything related to external agents , that is the heat provoked by the environment per sec.

Do not leave the mobile in the sun

As we said this may seem obvious but it is important to remember that the mobile must not be exposed for periods (not necessarily long) to the sun or any other source of heat. Therefore when we are at the beach or pool we should keep it and if possible in the shade.

Do Not Leave the Mobile in the Sun

The same with leaving it in the car or a terrace table. Think would you be exposed to the sun with 40 degrees for hours? If you have answered negatively to this question you should do the same with your mobile.

How to prevent the phone from getting hot: internal conditions

Let’s see now what we can do with our mobile phone so that it does not get too hot on its own since if in addition to being at high temperatures outside it is heated by overuse or other factors the problem becomes even more serious.

Give him a break

It is common for phones (and any device in general) to be heated with their own use. If in addition to this we add high environmental temperatures the more performance we demand the faster and faster it will overheat. Therefore the ideal is that if we do not want to fry eggs on the screen of the smartphone we give the minimum use lowering the brightness of the panel and avoid running very demanding applications until we are in a cooler environment.

Let’s lower the brightness of the screen and give a break to our phone until it becomes less hot.

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Close applications

In addition to controlling the use the ideal is that if we are going to be in a hot zone we close all the applications that are running in the background because some of them generate many processes that consume RAM (especially mobile games and publishers) of photo) can cause the phone to increase its temperature further.

Close Applications

Burden and loneliness

When the heat tightens and we have more than one device it is best to be away from each other because the heat is transmitted to each other and if one is overheated could increase the temperature of the other. In addition we must control that during the charging process is not close to other devices such as external batteries and of course do not use it while charging. In addition it is important to check that the charger is not defective because sometimes this can cause the phone to warm up even more.

What if it has already warmed up?

If we are late to these tips listed above and our mobile is about to become lava we should not fear, because there are some actions we can take to lower the temperature quickly and avoid damage.

Remove it and turn it off

If as we say we are late and on the screen of your phone already appears the distress message that informs you of the overheating what you have to do is very clear, remove the case or the protective glass if it takes (and you can) and immediately turn it off and go to the next point.

Turn It Off

Approach it to a source of cold

If you notice your phone too hot or the red alert that we saw in the previous point has already appeared, the next step is to bring it closer to a source of cold that counteracts. This source of cold must be dry that is closer to the air conditioning or failing to a fan but never (and although you do not lack the desire) you put it in the fridge. We emphasize this point because in a refrigerator or freezer we run the risk of spills that can cause irreparable damage to the terminal.

There is always an app for everything.

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Finally we can use applications that quickly adjust the parameters of some internal components such as the battery or processor. The only drawback of these applications as ‘ Cooler ‘ is that they do not exist in iOS only in Android so if you have an iPhone you will have to keep the advice that we have given throughout the article which on the other hand, are very effective.


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